About Us

RAFRAF started on 2010 in Syria and now based in Egypt from 2012. Within the last two years Rafraf studied the Egyptian and the international market needs and established the right team to deliver our various items to you.

Mwaffak Ghorani (General Manager)
Mohammad Al-Hamwi (Art Director)



Mwaffak Ghorani (RafRaf General Manager) is a market expert and experienced manager when it comes to innovation, creation and manufacturing, Mwaffak is specialized in printing industry & printing techniques.
In 2006, Mwaffak established Midrar company: www.midrarco.com, which is specialized in advertising designs and
printing services. (Midrar win the best agenda in Syria for years 2008, 2009).
Midrar served many local and international companies inside and outside Syria, and delivered great products with the
highest quality to satisfy clients needs.
In 2014 Mwaffak created Rafraf Non Dated agenda - patent.

Mohammad Al-Hamwi
(Rafraf Art Director) is a published writer and a photographer, He published 4 books and the fifth is in the making.

Mohammad is high expert photographer with a refreshing take on things which makes his
pictures much more outstanding and beautiful.
From 2008 till 2012 He created and managed a specialized artistic website: www.atleastart.com, where he combines artistic matters such as photographs, music, literature, and poetry to produce pure art.
Mohammad has a nice rich portfolio of artistic designs including his Flicker account, his Facebook photography page and many other groups, and photography workshops in Syria, Czech Republic, and Dubai.
His last exhibition was in Hurghada in 2013 and was about spiritual scenes from the Old Cairo City.


In 2014 Mohammad created Rafraf sketchbook - patent.
In 2015 Mohammad started his new line of art: digital collage:

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